AppearTV has announced a Last Time Buy Notice for some of their products. This means that AppearTV will discontinue the manufacture and sale of the following products.

Discontinued Products

  • Product name: 1RU chassis DC1101, SC2101 and MC3101
  • Product Codes: DC1/CAP1P, SC1/CAP1P, MC1/CAP1P

When is the last order date?

The final order date is 1 May 2017. If you need one of the discontinued products, please contact your Divitel representative well before this date to place the orders and discuss the possibilities.

Warranty of ordered products

Products delivered before the final order date will keep their standard warranty, so hardware failures during the warranty period will be repaired and/or replaced. When your product has failures after the warranty period, AppearTV will encourage customers to upgrade to the replacement product.

The replacement product is: 1RU chassis XC5100
Product codes: XC51000/CAB1PS

Important to know is that the XC5100 chassis is not compatible with modules purchased for the previous 1RU chassis versions.

If you have follow up questions do not hesitate to call or mail us!

Please feel free to contact your Divitel representative for clarification or additional questions.
Support: +31 (0)55 750 48 88
Reception: +31 (0)55 576 02 42

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