How innovative are you?!

That’s the question. The question I asked a group of youngsters that recently visited Divitel on the occasion of the Cleantech Tomorrow Congres, held in the city of our HQ; Apeldoorn. Technology, sustainability and innovation are key; todays industries put a lot of effort in clean technologies. ‘Clean tech’ is hot, and we wanted to excite these high school youngsters for technical studies by showing them the efforts, innovations and clean technologies that we work with.

Showing off your social engagement as a company is one thing, but how do we tell these 15-year old students how we bring every screen to life? Difficult, … or not? O.k., we are a technical knowledgeable company, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that its difficult (or is it because I’m in public relations?). These young students are part of the digital natives, so lucky me: I got the feed-back that my presentation and guided tour weren’t hard to understand. Especially when I talked about things like the LiveTV-app for iOS and Android that we recently enabled for Dutch cable operator Ziggo.

Perhaps you would think that a producing company handles more ‘cleantech’ than a knowledgeable one. On the contrary! Our innovative television platforms need to by extremely energy efficient. Moreover: have you ever realised that ‘in the cloud’ is really energy consuming? Looking up information on Google, Youtube etc. might cost as much energy as leaving the light on in your bedroom for half an hour!

After the introduction and guided tour in Divitel, we were curious how innovative the young students were. And I was surprised by all ideas! A bit hesitatingly the students sat together, asking me questions like: “does my idea need to be feasible and realistic?” Well, no. Not at all! If you want to be innovative, you clearly need to think ‘out of the box’!

And that’s what a team of youngsters did. They came up with the idea of: a non-touchable television that you can adapt with your own imagination, your thoughts and your emotions! A television session with high quality user-experience and things like smell, taste and movement. You’d almost think that they have visited last year’s IBC, because these things aren’t that far away as you might have thought!

Well, I’m inspired and as you could have read in the blog of Renée; at Divitel we have an innovation team. So perhaps in a few years, I would not be surprised if we may welcome some of the above digital natives in our iTeam!

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