From supply-driven to demand-predicting

For a while there has been a shift from technology-driven services to demand-driven services. But what do video providers and end-users really want? What do you want?

November 2016, Apeldoorn – September 1th I started my first real job at Divitel. As a recent graduate student, I was looking forward to use my research skills and knowledge to examine the TV market industry. As a TV consumer myself I thought I had a clear image of what the end-users are interested in. For example, an OTT TV service so that I can watch TV where, when and how I like. Unfortunately there are not many Internet Service Providers in the Netherlands that can provide such a service. This increased my interest in investigating what the current solutions of Internet Service Providers look like and what the TV consumption of the end-user looks like. Are my preferences the same as the preferences of other TV households? And how is this compared to other countries?

Meanwhile, I am doing research for about 2 months and I am already gaining new insights. For example, in Germany video streaming is getting more popular. Especially the website (live stream) and catch-up services of TV channels are the most popular streaming destination. This, and other aspects, changes the TV consumption and video delivery dynamics. By tracking trends about the TV industry and doing research on the TV industry of today and tomorrow, Divitel can anticipate on the changing consumption behaviour and technological impact of the TV industry. By doing so Divitel can add more value for their customers, so that we as end-users can benefit from an innovative TV experience beyond imagination.


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