How I started bringing screens to life!

“We bring every screen to life”. That is the Divitel promise, and it is one of the first things you see when you enter the office. The promise greets me every morning as I get off my bike, and it was the first sentence I saw when I joined the company as a business development intern only about 6 months ago. I have to admit, back then, I did not have a clear idea of what this encompassed, and what I could do to contribute to this ‘awakening of screens’. But among this fast-moving and energetic group of people, it did not take long to find out!

The first time I personally actually brought a screen to life, it was the screen of my YouTube channel, with a video explaining a new and innovative way of watching TV for the elderly. As part of the Innovation Team (or our iTeam, as we affectionately call it), I quickly found myself in brainstorm sessions for crossovers into such exciting arenas as that of eHealth. When thinking about such new crossovers, the Divitel promise in fact becomes a leading question: “Does this screen want to be brought to life?”; and “How will this screen best be brought to life?” It also expands the promise, as it stretches the understanding we have of screens and what it means for them to be alive!

I consider myself lucky to have been part of a company that not only charges such new and daring questions head-on, but also encourages and in fact expects bold answers to them from all its employees, regardless of their background or level of expertise. Now, during my last week here, the Divitel promise continues to welcome me every morning as I get off my bike, and after 6 months, I know what the promise means. I have taken the demand for bold answers to heart and am using it for the last time I am bringing one of the Divitel screens to life. This time, I will use a presentation about my vision for the future of Divitel in eHealth, and a roadmap to get there. I am rather sad, as it will mean the end of my time here in this lively, buzzing, screen-filled office, but also very excited, as my contributions will hopefully mean the bringing to life of a lot of other screens over the next couple of years! And that is what Divitel, in the end, is all about; giving encouragement and responsibility to energetic people, in order to keep expanding the meaning of the promise “we bring every screen to life”.


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