As valued Divitel customer we have a special DVB Control offer for you on the following items: DVBAnalyzer, DVBMosaic, DVBLoudness en DVBMonitor software.

We can offer you:

1 YEAR FREE SMS – BUY 3 year PAY 2 year

Valid until December 31, 2016

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More information about the DVB Control products:

  • DVBAnalyzer – Powerfull analyzing of all aspects of DVB/ATSC/ISDB Transport streams. Usage of different high-level overviews, down to bit interpretation.
  • DVBMosaic – Real-time mosaic overview showing multiple services received from multiple Transport streams. Detection, visualization and signaling of freeze, black, silence, PID lost, service lost and input lost behavior.
  • DVBLoudness – Powerfull loudness measurements for multiple Audio services coming from multiple Transport streams. Loudness is measured according to the ITU-R BS.1770-3 Standards and EBU R.128 recommendation.
  • DVBMonitor – Automated powerfull complex real-time 24/7 compliance monitoring of all aspects of DVB for multiple Transport streams. Usage of Multiple checks, templates, sites, users, severities, notifications and actions.


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