Apple Requirement for IPv6-only Network Support

Apple is mandating support for IPv6-only networks for all apps submitted to the App Store starting June 1st, 2016. If your app uses IPv4-specific APIs or hard-coded IP addresses, you will need to make some changes.

Recognizing the need for transitional flow, Apple states: Ideally, providers want to drop support for the IPv4 network. However, doing so prevents clients from accessing IPv4 servers, which represent a significant portion of the Internet. To solve this problem, most major network providers are implementing a DNS64/NAT64 transitional workflow. This is an IPv6-only network that continues to provide access to IPv4 content through translation.

Impact on Divitel MediaPlayer

The Divitel MediaPlayer (OnStream MediaPlayer+ (OSMP+) software currently supports pure IPv6 flow where both client and server hosting content are using IPv6 network. This was enabled starting with OSMP+ v3.14.0 on Jan 7th 2015. Therefore, if your content is hosted on IPv6 server, no change is required, since default setting in OSMP+ starting with v3.14.10 is IPv6.

On the other hand, if you plan to continue hosting your content on IPv4 server, you will need to update your application using latest OSMP+ SDK with support for DNS64 + NAT64 transitional work flow.

Action plan

We have begun development in support of DNS64/NAT64 in order to accommodate the work flow when client is sending an IPv6 DNS request to server, but content is hosted on IPv4.
Support for the IPv6-only network that continues to provide access to IPv4 content through translation for both iOS 9.0+ and MacOS 10.11.4+ plugin platforms is available in OSMP+ v3.19.20 release.
Please contact your Divitel to schedule OSMP+ update delivery, if your application is currently deployed using IPv4-only network.

What about DRM support status

The updated OSMP+ v3.19.20 is supporting both clear and encrypted contents. We are working closely with our DRM partners to ensure validation of IPv6-only network using their DRM libraries.

Please feel free to contact your Divitel representative for clarification or additional questions.
Support: +31 (0)55 750 48 88
Reception: +31 (0)55 576 02 42

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