DVB Control’s best tool for analyzing and monitoring your DVB, ATSC and/or ISDB transport streams has a new release. The latest version of the DVB Analyzer, 1.1.670, is released March 2015 and has several new and interesting features:

  • ATSC Encoder Boundary Point Descriptor (EBP)
  • SI/PSI sections, indepth check for descriptors loop
  • AAC Type 29 (Parametric Stereo) support
  • THA TS-620 language support
  • Video PES stuffing bitrate (PID Tree/Bitrate Graph)

The old version of DVB Analyzeer will no longer get free support from DVB Control after the one year agreement expires.

Are you working with DVB Analyzer and want to discuss an upgrade to this new and improved version? Contact us!


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