Apple announced on June 8, 2015 the plan to release iOS 9 this fall. ViewRight Web for iOS SDK will not support iOS 9. It will be necessary to upgrade to ViewRight Web iOS SDK 3.8 for iOS 9 support.

ViewRightWeb for iOS SDK will be incompatible with iOS 9. This is due to third-party supplier Jailbreak detection utilized in 3.7 and earlier that generates false positives on iOS 9 devices and it requires an upgrade to third-party software and ViewRight Web client.

Verimatrix plans to release our 3.8 SDK shortly after the final version of iOS 9 is made available that will resolve this issue. The release date for version ViewRight Web 3.8 is contingent upon Apple’s final iOS 9 release date as it has dependencies on deliveries from a third-party partner and is estimated between 2 to 5 days after the final iOS 9 release.

You are advised to inform your customers about the iOS 9 incompatibility and to delay iOS 9 upgrade if possible. A Widget has been made available and can be deployed on your system which recommends your users not to upgrade to iOS 9, since the media playback will not work.

As soon as Verimatrix has delivered a solution that enables support for iOS 9 the solution will be tested, an upgrade can be made, a new app can be submitted to the App store and the widget can be removed again, when the new app is released.

Divitel is investigating further potential technical impact and will keep you posted on the results.

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