Divitel’s TV Strategy Navigator sessions are back! We’ll be hosting 7 complementary TV Strategy Navigator sessions again at ANGACOM in Cologne from June 12th to June 14th. In each of these sessions, Divitel’s principal consultant Marcel Veening and/or Chief Innovation Officer Tuan Huynh, will guide two or three industry executives in mapping out the TV Strategy Navigator. Joined by industry peers, you’ll gain valuable insight in your TV and video business strategy in an effective 40 minute round-table session. Sessions will be held behind closed doors, ensuring you the privacy needed to discuss your business freely.

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What’s in it for you?

Filling out the TV Strategy Navigator allows you to unearth, align and document strategic priorities related to your video or TV business, resulting in a model that will help you write better RFPs, cut down on internal discussions and make better decisions with regards to your TV service. During the TV Strategy Navigator sessions at ANGACOM, you’ll fill out the navigator with the help of Divitel industry experts, joined by industry peers that share your experiences. The 45-minute sessions are hosted in closed-door meeting room within the Divitel booth, which guarantees you the privacy to discuss your business freely.

How to register?

We’ll be hosting 7 TV Strategy Navigator sessions during this year’s ANGACOM exhibition and conference in Cologne, Germany. To attend, simply fill out the registration form below or reach out to your Divitel contact. Don’t forget to select your date of choice.

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