Video delivery today is nothing like it was just a few short years ago. End-users expect you to provide video content on a wide range of devices, preferably on demand and while ensuring constant quality of service. Our Video Delivery Consultancy services ensure you meet those expectations.

Video Delivery Consultancy services for operators

As a TV operator today, you’re confronted with issues your colleagues a decade or two ago couldn’t have imagined. What effect will supporting 4K have on your network? How do you ensure the best possible QoS for someone watching your content on their phone while commuting? Do you use EST for Netflix-like services within your own TV service? The complexity increases, but so do the opportunities to differentiate. Our Video Delivery Consultancy experts act as your guide through this complexity, helping you avoid the pitfalls, while ensuring you take the opportunities the digital transformation of video delivery offer.

Video Delivery Consultancy services for broadcasters

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Ensuring successful video delivery

Smartphones, tablets, consoles and more – How do you manage the ever-increasing complexity of video delivery? Our video delivery experts have consulted on video delivery projects around the globe, for operators, broadcasters and more. Make that experience work for you, by enlisting Divitel Video Delivery Consultancy services.

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