Managed DRM

IP Video and mobile experience is growing cloud high! The pay TV arena is becoming more competitive caused by more devices, more content providers and newer OTT platforms. How to grow your business efficient without growing the necessary evil?

Managed OTT video security – Unlock all mobile devices

Greater competition means pressure on end-user pricing. Bundling increases overall ARPU for operators and providers, but also leads to lower TV ARPU. The quest for improving business results on the TV offerings looks simple. Just enable TV everywhere and anytime in a better way than the competition. Unfortunately that is easier said than done. In the OTT world it is even more difficult to reach more and new devices. There is a dynamic jungle of new smart devices and consequently a defragmented media player hassle. Upgrading platforms require heavy investments and create an operational monster. Piracy and content owners don’t make this situation easier either.

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OTT security at your service, as a service!

Imagine putting all necessary ingredients for a state-of-the-art CA/DRM platform into a cloud, add a fully operational 24/7 support & maintenance team, let’s even add an up-to-date knowledge base and support for all devices and media players. To top it off we also add very useful media consumption analytics and recommendations.

No more need for heavy hardware installations, no need to allocate resources to maintain knowledge, just focus on your core activities and unlock all mobile devices for a great proposition.

Divitel Managed Multi DRM is a component within the Managed DRM Solution and is using the Verimatrix MultiRights Technology which brings consumer devices and HTML5 browsers with embedded, non-Verimatrix clients under a unified revenue security umbrella.

The MultiRights framework allows for the inclusion of any third-party DRM scheme and client devices under the Divitel Managed DRM umbrella for complete end-to-end management of revenue security. Managed Multi DRM provides support for secure content distribution to STBs, PCs, and off-the-shelf consumer and mobile devices, when equipped with our award winning Divitel MediaPlayer and native DRM clients.


  • Approved by Studios worldwide for premium content protection
  • Enabling secure stream delivery to all device categories
  • Extensive partner ecosystems with pre-integrated encoders and media players
  • Enabling immense delivery models: Live, VoD, Pay Per View, download & offline viewing
  • Hybrid or Standalone deployments with managed networks
  • Precise device management via typing, output control and integrity check
  • Flexible business model management: Subscription, Purchase and/or Rental


Whitepaper Managed DRM

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