The global market for telecoms and media services is changing dramatically, boundaries are disappearing. User experience is going over-the-top!

Now is the time to expand your reach and bring great user experience to more end-users.

Obviously, end-users demand for TV anytime and also anywhere. We offer smart solutions for OTT TV delivery on STB, Connected TV and on Multiscreen devices such as PC/Mac, iOS and Android smart devices.

Enjoy live TV but also Timeshift, Network recording (nPVR) and start-over TV anywhere.
Follow the end-user out-of-home and bring a fantastic unified User Experience on all devices!
Operators, Service Providers, Content owners and new entrants in the OTT industry are aiming to reach more end-users and grow their ARPU in order strengthen their market`s position. Going over-the-top can be a great way to connect subscribers out of your own network. Expand your reach!

Thanks to years of IPTV experience we design, build and maintain the best solutions for OTT delivery. We have several building blocks available to complement your existing infrastructure or to install a smart system from scratch. Expand your reach and offer a unified user experience on all devices, anytime and definitely anywhere!


Whitepaper OTT

End users demand for new and interactive TV experience, preferable on any kind of device or screen. As operator you want to bring the best possible end-user experience and strengthen your brand in the market.

We understand IPTV, Multiscreen, OTT for over 10 years and we successfully designed, build and maintain solutions worldwide. Step into the world of interactive TV, stunning user interfaces, interesting functionalities and features, join us to see how we can connect you!

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