Support Chrome API stops

Google Chrome API will no longer support the Verimatrix PC Web Player. End users can therefore no longer view Verimatrix encrypted HLS streams in the browser as part of Multiscreen experience from September 2015.

From September 2015 Google changes their support of the NPAPI plug-in. They are planning on completely phasing out the NPAPI plug-in support on all platforms. Click here for more details.

As a result of this change, the ViewRight Web PC/Mac Player plug-in, which utilizes NPAPI APIs, will no longer support the Chrome Browser. In addition, Google has indicated that the Chrome browser will natively support only Google’s Widevine DRM and the MPEG-DASH streaming format.

Supported browsers for the ViewRight Web PC/Mac Player are:

  • Browsers who utilize NPAPI APIs, including Safari and Firefox
  • Browsers who utilize Microsoft’s ActiveX plug-in APIs, Internet Explorer.
  • Players who are pre-integrated into commercially available PC/Mac players from Verimatrix’ market-leading player partner.
  • Third-party PC/Mac players developed by Verimatrix’ system integration partners or Pay-TV operator customers.

We recommend to use browser detection techniques to detect the use of Chrome browsers on PC and Mac devices. We advise customers to inform end users  about the planned deprecation of player support in future versions of the Chrome browser. Those end users should be advised to switch to one of the other Verimatrix supported browsers instead, including Firefox, Safari or IE. Please contact us for additional information or support questions.


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