ANGA COM 2016: The Cloud Is Here!

We feel blessed with an energizing, inspiring and warm week! ANGA COM 2016 set another record. Not only because of the tropic weather but also because of the 6% visitor growth to 18,000!

Before you can enjoy the European Championships soccer in France we would like to thank you again for visiting us. Since the engineers behind the screen have some “free time” in our European Championship calendar we will follow-up on our conversations shortly!

On this year’s ANGA COM we showcased how we can:

  • Improve TV service propositions
  • Lower the Total Costs of Ownership
  • Focus on core activities and speed up business results

ANGA COM 2016: The Cloud Is Here!

After years of bringing complete multi-vendor headends to the exhibition for real and life demo’s we stepped it up this year by bringing an empty rack and a lot of cloud. In this cloud we brought our plug & play OTT solution; IPTV /OTT middleware, DRM, STB Management, Apps, Widgets, Transcoding, Packaging, Network Storage, VOD, Streaming, etc.

The same cloud brought even more video technology knowledge in the “Cloud Video Operating center” aka DOC. An advanced video technology operating center staffed by the best engineers, experienced with designing building and maintaining video delivery solutions worldwide. Ready to make your life easier and saving time, attention and costs!

As engineers behind the screen we bring every screen to life! More screens will be life with HD experience thanks to the first DVB-T2 integration in Germany. Contact us if you want to migrate to DVB-T2 or DVB-T2/IP.

For service providers who are looking for ways to expand their B2B business we showcased our Managed Hospitality TV solution. Supplement your proposition with this plug & play solution to transform the hospitality experience and business.

If you cannot await our follow-up actions please contact at [email protected].

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