Managed OTT security

Hosted DRM for Solcon

Apeldoorn, San Diego and Dronten, Oct. 21, 2015 –Verimatrix, the specialist in securing and enhancing revenue for multi-network, multi-screen digital TV services around the globe, Monday announced that it has partnered with Divitel, Europe’s largest independent systems integrator in innovative video distributions solutions, to develop a joint solution that integrates the Video Content Authority System (VCAS™) for Internet TV with the Divitel Operating Center (DOC). Dutch ISP Solcon has deployed the integrated solution to extend the reach of its Solcon TV platform, while also ensuring the revenue security of its content offering. The collaboration underpins Divitel’s role as managed solution provider, allowing Solcon to deliver OTT content in a robust and secure manner using the OVP (Online Video Publisher).


Solcon NV, a leading Dutch ISP, relies on the managed solution to address one of the most complex issues in the video value chain, digital rights management (DRM). Solcon recognized the importance of having a robust revenue security solution in place and worked with Divitel and Verimatrix to develop a managed / hosted DRM to serve as a building block to their platform. Solcon also relies on VCAS for IPTV to secure its traditional, linear service offering. “There are many challenges associated with the deployment of a new service offering,” said Peter van der Vlies, CEO of Solcon. “However, when you work with proven vendors with an expansive and trusted partner ecosystem, many of the risks and challenges are minimized. We chose to partner with Divitel and Verimatrix on this deployment because both parties are top class in deploying a preintegrated solution featuring two best-in-class technologies.”

Verimatrix VCAS

The VCAS™ for Internet TV revenue security solution provides a complete multiscreen security solution for OTT services implementing the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and MPEG-DASH protocols for live TV content. Ensuring that decryption keys are kept safe and distributed only to authorized users and client devices, the cardless security solution provides the same high level of digital TV security that Verimatrix is recognized for in 800+ IPTV deployments. “OVPs are growing in popularity – as is the likelihood of content piracy,” said Steve Oetegenn, president, Verimatrix. “OVPs demand the same level of security as traditional networks in order to enhance revenue security and increase quality of service (QoS) for their subscribers. Our DOC integrated solution with Divitel helps mitigate the risks often associated with DRM, while also serving as the foundation for future growth and expansion, and we are delighted to be working together with Divitel on Solcon’s exciting deployment.”

Divitel Operating Centre (DOC)

VCAS for Internet TV is integrated with the DOC, which ensures exceptional end-user experience, guaranteed up-time and customer satisfaction. The Divitel Operating Center is a high-tech monitoring facility that provides 24/7 proactive support and manages video distribution platforms and solutions worldwide. “We are proud of our collaboration with Verimatrix and Solcon. Our managed solution with Verimatrix enables us to improve Solcon’s business case and provide the ROI they require,” says Rob Verkes, account manager, Managed Services, Divitel. “The integrated solution also offers Solcon the flexibility to expand their services easily.”


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