The case

Telekom Srpske JSC Banja Luka (m:tel) is a telecommunications company based in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company is owned by Telekom Srbija (Belgrade) and it is one of three national telecom operators in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the biggest one listed on the Banja Luka stock exchange, with a market capitalization of about €540m.The company’s main business is fixed and mobile telecommunications in domestic and international traffic. The goal of m:tel is to expand their current TV product portfolio with advanced OTT services ensuring their competitive position in the local market.

The challenge

Obviously this is an interesting but complex challenge, one we love as a system integrator. In order to enable this successful expansion of the existing TV solution we had to design and build an advanced OTT service and implement the first nPVR service in the region. This nPVR service had to include time-shifted functionalities like pause-live TV, restart TV and catchup TV.But the challenge is bigger than that. M:tel intended to re-use the existing infrastructure and the current install base of existing STB’s in order to prevent large des-investments and service interruptions. Furthermore, M:tel is also aiming to cross the borders of the local managed network and offer the full service portfolio available on any device in any country.But maybe the biggest challenge of them all was to make the solution extremely scalable so it could facilitate the growth in the different markets and regions from one core system.

The solution

In order to meet all of the different requirement we designed and build an intelligent and scalable solution consisting out of 9 different market leading technology vendors.  These building blocks were integrated into a working end-2-end platform.The core VDN is an integral streaming platform capable of streaming RTSP and OTT from one silo with a total streaming capacity of 40 Gbp/s with the ability to offload to 3rd party CDN. The middleware we selected and integrated for this platform is chosen for its open API’s, advanced HTML5 graphics and extensive support set of STB, ensuring the re-use of a large install base of existing STB’s in the field. To support the high demand of VOD services on the platform, a carrier grade ingest solution has been provided. Finally, together with the customer, a comprehensive ‘self care portal’ has been delivered where customers can order separate channels, bundles and services like additional storage capacity.This turn-key solution enables M:Tel to launch a strong IPTV / multiscreen OTT TV proposition while re-using existing infrastructure!

The benefits

The reason for m:tel to select Divitel as partner is mainly thanks  to the unique independency of the Dutch system integrator as well as our skills to design, build, maintain any kind of video distribution solution. This results in a non-vendor-lock platform which is future proof and can integrate with the existing and deployed STB’s.“We are pleased to say that we worked closely with Divitel through all challenges of designing and building our tailored state-of-the-art IPTV/OTT solutions that we are proud of!” Aleksandar Veselinović, m:tel.As Divitel we see clear benefits of this IPTV / Multiscreen OTT solution in its flexibility and scalability, thus providing m:tel the possibility to adapt quickly to the constant changing variables in the telecommunications business ensuring a strong future growth!

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