The case

Wise, a subsidiary of Suriname telecommunications service provider Telesur, is a service provider that aims to bring a wonderful interactive and high quality TV experience to all inhabitants of the South-American country Suriname. Even though it is a beautiful country, it is very difficult to distribute media in the dense vegetation of the Suriname jungle. So, how did we manage to realize a wonderful interactive TV experience while re-using the existing ADSL infrastructure?

The challenge

Obviously it is hard to distribute TV signals through an ADSL network that offers limited bandwidth and the inaccessibility of this country makes investments in new subterranean infrastructure economically unviable. Furthermore there were already STB (Set Top Boxes) deployed at the existing end-users that needed to be re-used. A challenge that excites us to bring the best possible solution.We formed a fruitful partnership where we used our knowledge and experience to design, build and maintain the best solution for this case.

Distribution via air is found to be the best option so we designed a DVB-T2 platform (new terrestrial digital distribution standard that enables HD video delivery). In order to do so the frequencies used for DVB-T2 transmission needed to be cleared and a specialized DVB-T2 antenna needed to be built in a new head-end. In order to re-use the existing legacy STB we needed to realize a suitable STB that supports DVB-T2 and could de-scramble the content in order to meet the content security legislation.

The solution

We designed a very efficient and effective DVB-T2 hybrid platform. This DVB-T2 platform efficiently and effectively distributes HD TV signals to the end-users. This content, supplied via Bonaire, will be directed to the head-end where it is processed from IP to ASI. This ASI signal is directed to the DVB-T2 mast which will distribute the signal, mainly over the capital city of Suriname, Paramaribo.The platform re-uses the existing ADSL infrastructure to enable a return-path. This return-path enables interactive functionalities and features such as a GUI (Graphical User Interface) and interactive EPG (Electronic Program Guide). This platform is future proof so new functionalities and features can easily be added in the future.

The main reason for Wise to choose for Divitel was the flexibility of the unique Divitel solution which enabled their business case in the best possible way.

The benefits

Benefits for the customer, Wise, in this case are:

  • No extra bandwidth investments needed for better quality content
  • Re-use of the existing infrastructure of Suriname
  • Full redundancy of the platform
  • More security through scrambled content
  • Possibility of extending the platform
  • Higher customer satisfaction

Benefits for the end users in this case are:

  • Better content quality
  • Minimal hardware investment needed
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG) is available
  • Interactive TV

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