Video and TV services today, whether linear, IPTV, VOD or OTT, need to transform in order to meet their viewers’ expectations. On the agenda are important matters like Android TV, Replay TV, the efficient streaming of live events, Cloud TV, CPE devices, video delivery optimization, recommendation engines, cloud migrations, monetization, convergence, etc. In today’s disruptive landscape, it is becoming increasingly difficult to deal with these challenges and make the right choices.

Don’t worry. We are here to help.

Our experts help you get your plan right

We apply over twenty years of independent video delivery expertise to advise you on all the different aspects of bringing video to the screens. Whether it’s business infrastructure or technology related. In this way, we help you make the tough decisions so you know what needs to be done today, but also tomorrow. To help you align your business strategy to technology requirements and make deployment decisions faster. We help you select technology tools and know what applications and components to combine based on your specific legacy situation. We plan migrations step by step, so you can maximize legacy ROI as you go.

And we are independent. So you can avoid getting locked-in and remain flexible in your future choices.

Our Tools

TV Navigator

TV Navigator

We developed the TV Navigator as a tool to create business insights for you.

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Media Data Navigator

Media Data Navigator

We use the Media Data Navigator to create infrastructure insights for you.

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Quick Scan

Divitel Quick Scan
During a two-hour virtual session, determine where to start your transformation.

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What can you expect?

Based on your current situation we will jointly decide which of the three tools we apply.

  • Quick Scan – If you are looking for just a short and quick review of your current situation and what steps to first take, our experts are at the ready. Through what we call a Quick Scan (a two hour virtual meeting), we can go over your specific situation and help you formulate the logical next steps.
  • TV Navigator – In case you want to dive deeper into your business challenges, our experts will help you paint a picture of the technology requirements that best fit your business strategy. We help you scope possible solutions so that you can accelerate your deployment decision process. We can help you plan migrations and select tools based on your current situation. Our consultants advise on critical success factors and Key Performance Indicators to measure success. You will have insight into Total Cost of Ownership and know the required environment for the execution of your plans.
  • Media Navigator – If you prefer to take more of a technical approach, our infrastructure consultancy is aimed at identifying the end-customer journey and the different touch points. We will investigate required organizational adjustments and workflows. We can generate a topology and identity data sources. Of course, a data audit and gap analysis are part of the service. You will know the available tools, dashboards, data storage and processing infrastructure and the total design of your ideal solution.



Voo and CBC

Tele2 and Quickline

Business consultancy examples

Definition of a winning strategy, KPI’s setting, selection of technology vendors and acceleration of go to market

Infrastructure consultancy examples

Creation of silos smashing, real-time, operational insights

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