Divitel 42nd in MKB innovation top 100

Divitel was nominated for the Dutch contest: ‘MKB Innovatie Top 100’. A list of 100 most innovative entrepreneurs in the Dutch small and medium-sized enterprises, nominated by expert panels. The ranking of all the nominees was announced; Divitel can be found on the 42nd place. Having the strict selection and formation in mind, Divitel is proud to be on this list.

“At Divitel innovation is key, as well as sharing knowledge, it’s part of our DNA. We see this recognition from experts in our market as an honor!”, says Hans Kornmann, CEO of Divitel.

The MKB Innovatie Top 100 is organised by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, NRC Media and Mercedes-Benz. This 9th edition can be seen as a source of inspiration for the new generation of succesful and innovative entrepreneurs. More information can be found via: www.mkbinnovatietop100.nl.

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