Divitel at IBC 2015

This years IBC is full of new technologies; OTT, Cloud, Ultra HD (UHD), 4K and the possible rise of social TV. IBC is at the forefront of all major technologies in the industry, thus Divitel is present in Amsterdam to gather and learn from these new technologies. We know where to look for the latest innovations and we can guide you through the IBC jungle. Want to have a guided tour? Contact us.

Divitel at IBC 2015 | Divitel

Besides our guided tour through the IBC jungle we speak on the SCTE Benelux lecture meeting. Emile de Ruiter, our Sr. System Architect, will unravel the blue print for a successful OTT delivery. In past years we gained experience in designing and building successful OTT delivery platforms, it became our DNA. Now, it is time to tell the rest of the world how we did it and how we overcame the challenges we encountered. Meet us at the SCTE Benelux lecture meeting if you want to know how we unravel the secrets of OTT delivery platforms.

Last but not least, our people will be available on the exhibition for information, more indepth conversations about the implementation of the latest innovation or just for a cup of coffee. Get in touch with your own contact person or email us to get in touch with one of our people. We hope to meet you!

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