Hospitality TV for Van der Valk “Hotel Breda Princeville”

Apeldoorn, Breda, December 23, 2015  Divitel  joins forces with Allinco Systems BV – an all-round service partner for IT solutions in the Netherlands – for a new cloud based Hospitality TV solution for Van der Valk “Hotel Breda Princeville”. The new hotel annex is equipped with the latest Hospitality TV solution.

Van der Valk “Hotel Breda Princeville” has enlarged the amount of rooms. The new hotel annex covers 42 luxurious rooms with fitness facilities, a pool, jacuzzi and a sauna/hamam. All new rooms have facilities you can only dream of. Most luxurious are the Ibiza, Japanese, Diamond and Saint-Tropez suites, with whirlpool, sun shower and sauna.

In-room entertainment is one of the key elements in the new hotel annex. Hotel Princeville asked Allinco to search for a state-of-the-art hospitality platform that could increase the hotel experience. Allinco came up with Hospitality TV from Divitel!

Hospitality TV from Divitel offers the ultimate experience for both, guest and hotel owner. The hotel owner can change all settings via an intuitive portal. The guests can enjoy the perfect hospitality experience in their rooms. See weather predictions, find information about the hotel or see the restaurant’s menu. All features come in the corporate style of the hotel.

Hospitality TV offers the perfect experience for every hotel or vacation park! Scalable, with a short time to market and cloud based. Download our whitepaper for more information or ask for a demo!

TV is nowadays so much more than just watching a program. Our interactive Hospitality TV solutions offer a high quality user experience in your own look & feel to your guests and customers. With our solutions you can offer more than just TV, you can offer a personalized on screen experience. Present your company videos, info channel, information via easy to use widgets and apps, order services and much more.

We brought years of video technology experience to the hospitality TV market, this results in: smart, stable and very easy to use solutions. As a system integrator we understand how to re-use as much of the existing infrastructure as possible. Find out how we can connect you to the next generation user experience for your customers!

If you want to know more about Hospitality TV from Divitel, download our whitepaper or mail us at [email protected].


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