Intelligent Changing

Our customers tell us that they are afraid of implementing any change to their video delivery ecosystem. In fact, they tell us that 80% of required changes for quality improvements in systems generate new problems, 85% of the changes executed are not fixing the target issues, and first time right % is extremely low. You can imagine how much money and resources go into this.




of required changes generate new problems



of executed changes do not fix the issues



first time right is extremely low

We can help you boost your operating margin with up to 15%


  1. Once we have identified the root cause of the failure, we code the workflow into the system, so that next time the problem occurs, the system automatically detects the root cause. This way, the system becomes increasingly intelligent with every failure it detects.
  2. When the vendor releases the fix, we measure the effect of the change during deployments and before going live, so that we can ensure accurate performance after go live. This, of course, increases First Time Right and speeds up Time to Market of new releases and features significantly.


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Tuan Huynh
Chief Innovation Officer
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