iOS 10


Apple is breaking down it’s walled garden with the release of iOS 10 by making it possible for third party developers to build Siri, Maps and even iOS Message and Phone extensions into their applications. This means that developers are now able to integrate their existing applications with the core iOS functions or even replace the core functions of iOS with their own applications.

Great new possibilities

Siri Extension

For developers of media applications the Siri Extension could be a really interesting option as it is possible to enable actions direct from Siri for example “watch my favorite sports channel” or “watch my latest recording”. At Divitel we encourage developers to investigate these kind of possibilities to enable new ways for consumers to discover and consumer video.

Siri on TVOS

  • Integrated Siri support for searching YouTube
  • Support for searching for content by topic.

Single Sign On ( Cable / Satellite Provider)

Adds support for typing in Cable/Satellite provider credentials once inside the Settings app and being able to download any TV app that supports that particular provider and be automatically logged into that app using the credentials in the Settings app.

Important Technical Changes

Apple Requirement for IPv6-only Network Support*

Apple is mandating support for IPv6-only networks for all apps submitted to the App Store starting June 1st, 2016. If your app uses IPv4-specific APIs or hard-coded IP addresses, you will need to make some changes.

*Not specifically limited to iOS 10.


  • Developer Beta: July 5, 2016
  • Public Beta’s : as from July 6, 2016
  • General Public Release: September, 2016 (Expected)

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