Data Scientist: Artificial Intelligence
and Machine Learning

Are you our new Lab Application Lifecycle Data Scientist?

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We’re looking for a Data Scientist – with advanced knowledge of AI and machine learning – to join our team in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. Divitel has spent the last two decades transforming the way video delivery technology is designed, deployed and operated for clients around the world. Currently, we’re developing and deploying exciting new services on the cutting edge of data-driven video delivery operations, employing high-tech resources like AI, machine learning and robotization to enable top-of-the-line video quality for TV operators around the globe.

Working at Divitel means you’ll never stop learning and developing, ensuring you and the company are the best we possibly can be. We will make sure you will have our attention and will guide you through (internal) trainings. Are you ambitious enough to play a pivotal role in the next step of this evolution by spearheading the creation and operation of our test lab? Read on!

Your day to day activities

As Lab Application Lifecycle Data Scientist at Divitel, you will be analyzing large volumes of data and turning that data into actionable insights. You will be responsible for building statistical models from multiple data sources in order to provide advanced analytics and reporting. You will closely interact with our product management, as well as our operations team and other stakeholders, to translate customers needs into operational intelligence, data insights, and predictive models.

  • Translate a request into a concrete, well-defined problem (frame the problem);
  • Collect the raw data needed to solve the problem;
  • Process the data (data wrangling);
  • Explore the data;
  • Perform in-depth analysis (ML, statistical models, algorithms);
  • Communicate results of the analysis;
  • Manage and optimize data streams and analyzes.

Your requirements

  • You have a bachelor’s / master’s degree in Computer Science, Data Science, Mathematics or related degree;
  • You have excellent understanding of artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data;
  • You’re great communicator and are able to communicate complex ideas in a technical and user-friendly language;
  • You can code in Java, Scala or Python;
  • You’re all about automation.

About Divitel

For over two decades, Divitel has been the partner of choice for an ever-growing number of video and TV businesses around the globe. With a crew of 50+ highly motivated Divi-talents, we’ve gone from designing and building, to fully managing video delivery systems for cable operators, telcos, broadcasters and other businesses in the video and television industry. From our headquarters in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands and our branch office in Germany, we work tirelessly to improve the economics of video delivery for these clients. We’re able to do this because we value knowledge above all else. Working at Divitel means you’ll never stop learning and developing, ensuring you and the company are the best we possibly can be.

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