Landal GreenParks embraces Hospitality TV

Landal GreenParks is a Dutch company which exploits recreational parks within Europe. Landal has 74 parks with over 12.000 bungalows. Allowing people to relaxing, recreate and enjoy their holiday. Landal is in a constant strive to expand. Their latest bungalows are situated one of the most beautiful locations you can imagine; they are build right on the beach! These modern ‘Beach Villas’ have a fantastic view and are fully equipped.

The most eye-catching, besides the magnificent view, is the Hospitality TV system from Divitel. Every Beach Villa has two LG TV’s with a Set Top Box (STB) which offer the guest a complete Landal GreenParks experience. Guests can check the weather, see which activities are available in and around the Villa and watch live TV.

The most interesting feature for Landal GreenParks is the messenger application. From an easy to use management tool the park reception can send messages to individual Beach Villas. Landal chose to use the ‘Vertical Skin’ in a complete Landal skinn; logo, colors and info pages are included. To ensure customer satisfaction and prevent discomfort the guest only have to use the STB’ remote control for STB as well as TV. The system is ready to be used for unlimited marketing purposes.

Divitel is proud to contribute to this great ‘Beach Villa project’ in Hoek van Holland.

Update: Recently Landal doubled the ‘Beach Villa project’. The newest villas are equipped with LG connected TV’s! No need for a Set Top Box, all connections via one UTP cable. Easy to install, easy to update and more usability for a higher customer satisfaction!

If you want to know more about Hospitailty TV from Divitel, download our whitepaper below.

Landal GreenParks embraces Hospitality TV | Divitel

Landal GreenParks embraces Hospitality TV | Divitel

Landal GreenParks embraces Hospitality TV | Divitel

TV is nowadays so much more than just watching a program. Our interactive Hospitality TV solutions offer a high quality user experience in your own look & feel to your guests and customers. With our solutions you can offer more than just TV, you can offer a personalized on screen experience. Present your company videos, info channel, information via easy to use widgets and apps, order services and much more.

We brought years of video technology experience to the hospitality TV market, this results in: smart, stable and very easy to use solutions. As a system integrator we understand how to re-use as much of the existing infrastructure as possible. Find out how we can connect you to the next generation user experience for your customers!

If you want to know more about Hospitality TV from Divitel, download our whitepaper or mail us at [email protected].

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