Continuously Improving Managed Operations

For those operators who are looking for a way to put their engineers to work developing new features and functions instead of managing the video service, Divitel has a solution. We can support your day-to-day operations from our Operating Center here in The Netherlands. We are ISO270001 certified so you can be sure that your data is safe.


Intelligent and continuously improving

Our experts work in accordance to the proven ITLv3 IT Service Management and ISO20000 principles in which the service lifecycle is used to identify, define, manage and retire services.

Our engineers are seasoned and experts in video delivery data management and artificial intelligence. They will be constantly looking for ways to automize the service, making it increasingly efficient and leveraging from valuable knowledge gathered from managing video services for customers all over the world.

You will be able to focus on your core business, by letting us focus on ours.

Excellent results


Faster Root
Cause Analysis




Faster Mean
Time to Recover


Increase in
First Time Right

Increase operating margin with up to 30%

Through our data driven, holistic approach we work fast and accurately:

Silo Smashing Monitoring

We decrease the number of tickets, costs of customer care and truck rolls by creating a full end-to-end prioritized view of the performance and status of your total video delivery ecosystem.

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Analysis Acceleration

We reduce costs per ticket by shortening the time and resources needed to investigate and recover from incidents. Reducing Mean Time to Investigate and Mean Time to Recover from incidents.

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Intelligent Changing

Improving the ability to change effectively and efficiently and automating in order to create an increasingly intelligent and efficient system with every incident that is solved. Increasing First Time Right and speeding up Time to Market.

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Chief Innovation Officer
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