Managed Video Distribution

For many operators, internet service providers and content owners, video delivery is a must. Something they need to do because it is a good way to attract new subscribers, generating revenue through different service packages.

However, it is not necessarily something most would consider their core business. In fact, many will admit that the process of getting video content to the multitude of screens is a terrible hassle, consuming more and more labor resources every day.

But first – what is video distribution?


what is video distribution


Video distribution or video delivery is the ability to get video content from a source or sources to the screens in which it is played out.

At Divitel specifically we look at the process, that in a typical architecture starts at the content acquisition plane, followed by video processing, content delivery, in-home and ends where the content is viewed or played out on the different devices and screens.

In short, we ensure that all technological components and or compartments that make up your platform play nice with each other and that when problems occur, they are solved quickly and accurately so your subscribers do not notice.

We love this hassle

We consider ourselves to be the video distribution hassle removers. We take on every aspect of it and ensure that our customers’ video platforms offer a high picture quality with all the features and functionalities like replay tv, catch up TV, NPVR, VOD, etc., working in the way they are supposed to work.

Because if they not, subscribers will talk, negatively affecting brand value, churn and revenue. We protect our video service customers from this, so they can free up labor resources to focus on more core priorities.

In the picture is our Divitel Operating Center where our engineers apply their video domain expertise to remotely manage our customers’ plaftorms from our headquarters in the Netherlands.

How we impact your subscriber satisfaction

Faster root cause analysis


Faster mean time to recover

Increase of first time right

How do we manage video platforms?


We create insight into your platform’s performance through prioritized ticketing, notifications, alarms, dashboards and process triggers for different workflows.


When problems occur, this insight into the status quo enables our people to execute fast and accurate root cause analysis. Once the cause of the problem has been detected, we ensure that the service is back to live as soon as possible.


We proactively plan and deploy needed improvements through changes and releases. We solve recurring incidents and we coordinate with the corresponding vendors to ensure that they deploy the needed fix.

Customer examples


Quickline logo rond

“Divitel detects a problem and corrects it.
It’s simple really.”

Quickline Success Story


Setar logo rond

“We have partnered with Divitel to provide our customers with the most advanced platform on the market.”

Setar Success Story


TKS logo rond

“We chose Divitel for the daily management and TCO optimization of our TV platform so we can focus on other priorities.”

Why do customers choose us?

Below are just some of the many reasons our customers choose to partner with us:

1. Effortless

Managing a video platform today requires a real partner who also can trouble shoot and fix issues if needed. This way Divitel cuts through a lot of red tape, getting things done accurately and without any delays. We can do it in a reactive way based on a Service Level Agreement, or proactively. Either way, we take ownership and are all about accountability, speed and accuracy.

2. Maximum viewing quality and performance

To achieve maximum viewing quality, the whole platform must perform as intended with all components playing nice across all internal teams and departments.

That is why we apply an end-to-end approach (including all video distribution processes holistically, from content acquisition to the consumer devices) to different management activities:

  • Pre-live solving of issues.
  • Vendor orchestration.
  • Performance testing.

3. Fact based certainty

We gather relevant data to create insights to evaluate service performance, predict service degradations or verify performance.
Some of the most important benefits:

  • Absolute certainty the changes we propose will have the desired effect.
  • Avoids unpleasant surprises, costs or delays.
  • Makes manual testing obsolete.
  • Allows us to automate workflows, work increasingly efficiently and scale up easily.
Read more about our innovation


The short movie shows a model of our domain knowledge, showing data interlinking, and machine learning algorithms.

4. Total freedom

Because we are vendor independent you ensure:

  • your legacy technology is taken into account,
  • you do not lock yourself in with any specific vendor,
  • the technology used is the best fit for your specific situation.

5. Twenty-five years of expertise

For the last 25 years, we have only done video distribution. In this field, innovation is key. This drive to innovate powers our efforts to always find a way to make any project a success. No matter what happens. We deliver.

In addition we have a lot of experience and skills about the process of transitioning to IP and digital (from linear tv to multicast, unicast). We leverage from our knowledge gained from different deployments so that all our customers benefit.

6. Flexibility – we adjust to you

We always keep in mind what you want. Nothing is written in stone. For each customers we discuss who does what in our partnership.


7. No risks – you have total control

We collaborate with you in accordance to agreed roles and responsibilities. This way you are always up to date and in control of your platform.


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