Divitel Mesh WiFi Solution – Don’t miss out on monetization opportunities

Mesh WiFi as a way to differentiate from the competition

Today, bad internet service and speed are reasons that your customers churn. Fortunately, it is possible to transform these into reasons for your customers stay (research by AirTies):

  • 78% Would prefer their ISP to provide in-home equipment instead of purchasing it themselves.
  • 77% Is willing to upgrade to a premium WiFi package.
  • 74% Is willing to pay a monthly fee for better WiFi.
  • 71% Have dead zones at home.
  • 54% Have already called their ISP about WiFi issues.


Monetize your subscriber base with Mesh WiFi

  • Enable premium OTT and differentiate from your competition.
  • Increase NPS scores and decrease customer churn.
  • Generate smart home opportunities.
  • Upsell to premium WiFi packages.
  • Avoid in home cable replacement (fiber).


What do customers say?


sky speech bubble

“Working with AirTies has helped us create an amazing new customer experience across screens with Fluid Viewing, as well as take the Sky experience to the next level by enabling… customers to turn all their Sky Q boxes into smart hotspots.”

Andrew Olson,
Director of New Product

AT&T speech bubble

“…We are introducing the new AT&T Smart Wi-Fi extender – a state-of-art device that gives you the strongest Wi-Fi signal throughout your entire home.”

Stephen Vincent
Assistant VP

singtel speech bubble

“Singel Wi-Fi Mesh expands and optimized coverage so our customers can enjoy their Singtel Broadband and TV services to the fullest.”

Mr. Goh Seow Eng
Managing Director of Home

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