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In total, the average service provider is losing € 35 per subscriber per year on WiFi related customer care

On average, 30% of the support calls that cable network operators and internet service providers receive is WiFi related. Due to lack of real time visibility of the in home situation, most of these calls do not get resolved. Also, it is impossible to remotely diagnose and fix issues which often result in the unnecessary deployment service engineers and execution of truck rolls. And last, but certainly not least, customers are left unsatisfied while they wait for a solution that will never come. Sooner or later, this will cause them to take their business elsewhere.


   30% of support calls are WiFi related.

   Each call costs 25 euro to solve.

  10% of these cause unnecessary truck rolls.

   Unnecessary equipment replacement.


There are so many Mesh WiFi solutions out there. Contact us to:

  • Answer your questions around the economics of the WiFi issue.
  • Select the most fitting solution.
  • Help you build your business case.
  • Integrate the software and hardware in your technical environments, providing you with end-to-end awareness from content acquisition to Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), and everything in between.
  • Embed the solution into your organizational processes, including customer care and engineering.
  • We offer transparent costs per active user (no additional cloud costs), making it more affordable.

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