Divitel puts Max on Ziggo’s pole position in F1 GP Monaco!

Ziggo and Divitel team up to bring Ziggo`s live events to every screen in the Netherlands. Divitel uses its Managed Transcoding technology and unique ability to execute to transcode the live event stream into a unique web experience for non-Ziggo subscribers.


The live event stream is transcoded directly by Divitel’s Managed Transcoding and presented online to the whole of the Netherlands by Ziggo. Thanks to the Managed Technology from Divitel there is no impact on Ziggo’s existing infrastructure and delivery platform. This allows for an extremely short time to market for Ziggo. Like in the F1, all Divitel Managed Technologies and services live up to the highest quality standards and of course there is a support team stand-by during all live events.

The live event stream is available on: https://ontdek.ziggo.nl/sport/formule-1/gp-monaco[/caption]

Want to know more about managed transcoding or other managed technologies and services, visit us at ANGA COM 2016!

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