DVB-T2 Transmission solutions

End user are demanding a great user experience and high quality video content. This can be enabled using DVB-T2 technology. DVB-T2 technology enables the operator with more content offering, higher video quality resulting in an improved end consumer proposition.

Compared with DVB-T, the next generation of terrestrial distribution technology offers more bandwidth, efficiency, robustness and flexibility. An interesting improvement!

DVB-T2 improvements:

  • 8 Scattered Pilot Patterns
  • LPDC error Correction Rates ½, 2/3, ¾ 4/5 and 5/6
  • Time interleaving to improve impulse noise robustness
  • Extended bandwidth option
  • Peak to average power reduction
  • Time Frequency interleaving

DVB-T compared to DVB-T2

Blue Print of OTT Delivery Platform Unraveled on IBC | Divitel

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