RGB Networks acquired by Imagine Communications

Official statement RGB

“RGB Networks, one of Divitel’s valued partners is acquired by Imagine Communications. Over the past decade, RGB Networks developed some of the industry’s most innovative technologies for delivering and monetizing TV Everywhere – unique technologies that have become invaluable to leading cable and telecom companies around the world. At Imagine Communications, RGB Networks’ journey will continue and aims to provide new and better ways to serve customers and continue to advance the transformation of the video delivery landscape. RGB Networks’ contributions will be a driving force behind the realization of Imagine Communications’ vision “To Enable Instant Access to Moments that Matter.”
For us this is exciting news as well as we will continue our strong and successful relationship. Furthermore we are looking forward to the substantially broader product portfolio in our TV everywhere (OTT & Multiscreen) solutions.

About us

Divitel is an independent systems integrator based in Europe. Not just any systems integrator, we are the proud engineers behind the screen.  We design, build and maintain the best video distribution solutions. We bring every screen to life and we also keep every screen alive.
In this modern digital and social era it is vital to ensure end-users experience and customer satisfaction. In the Divitel Operating Centre (DOC) we are aiming to continuously improve our support and maintenance capabilities. Based on ITIL best practices and years of experience we detect, inform and solve and improve. Thanks to the diversity of our projects worldwide, the specialized training at our ATP partners and our full focus on video technology solutions we ensure that our knowledge  is always up to date. Read more or contact us.
RGB Networks acquired by Imagine Communications | Divitel  RGB Networks acquired by Imagine Communications | Divitel
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