Successful Managed Mesh Wi-Fi deployment at Kabelnoord


Apeldoorn, February 11th, 2021 — We are happy to announce the successful deployment of a Managed Mesh Wi-Fi Solution for our customer Kabelnoord in the Netherlands.

Kabelnoord wanted to:

  • differentiate the Kabelnoord brand from the competition,
  • improve customer satisfaction,
  • improve in-home connectivity and develop a Wi-Fi service offering
  • grow market share.

The hardware

The extenders improve data throughput with up to 60% depending on the specific in-home situation. In addition, the hardware ensures a stable delivery and is constantly optimizing between devices, managing traffic and prioritizing so that everyone in the home can enjoy maximum capacities at all times. Lastly, in 80% of the cases only 2 access points are needed.

This improved performance ensures a much better experience, reducing calls to Kabelnoord’s customer service significantly, improving customer satisfaction and reducing churn.

The software

The tool consists of an intelligent Wi-Fi Remote Manager, specifically developed for operators and isp’s. A cloud-based optimization application that provides situational awareness into subscribers’ in-home Wi-Fi performance, allowing remote diagnostics and troubleshooting. If customers call, Kabelnoord is able to advice people on the necessary action.

The consumer app not only instructs actions to take for installation, it also provides parental control and other insights proactively, so that people can further optimize their in-home coverage and prevent problems from occurring.

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