Be in control of your Service Quality

TV business professionals will probably recognize that:

  • Because of new OTT media giants, viewers have come to expect a certain high level of quality and that they are easy to churn when expectations are not met.
  • You are spending a lot of money and resources into the day to day activities that go along with maintaining your service quality levels. So much so that you lack the funds to innovate and transform your service to what viewers want them to be.


TV operations professionals will probably recognize these situations:

  • You are continuously running behind the facts, firefighting quality issues in your video service, without getting to the bottom of the root cause.
  • You hardly have time to innovate, because your team is working on today’s problems.
  • You are holding back on introducing new software patches, because you experience new issues after each update.

Don’t worry. With over 20 years of focused video domain expertise, we have a way to help you with these challenges.

Excellent results



Faster Root
Cause Analysis






Faster Mean
Time to Recover



Increase in
First Time Right



Increase of
Operational Margin



Decrease of
CO2 Emissions

Higher NPS scores, lower churn rates and increased operating margins

Increase your operating margin with up to 30%


Read our industry briefing ‘Video delivery operations – From Money Pit to Honey Pot, where we share the steps that we have taken to reduce costs, increase profitability and unlock value from within the different TV operations that we manage for our global customers. This way, we help them unlock value from within and generate the funds they need to innovate and compete.


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We offer three service packages to help you with your day-to-day TV operations:


the problems and increase your operating margin with up to


  • We provide holistic monitoring of your full ecosystems availability, reliability and capacity across silos.
  • We categorize and prioritize incidents for you, so your people know where to start investigating in case of service problems.

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the problems and increase your operating margin with up to


  • We cluster events and determine root causes of incidents fast and accurately.
  • So you can prevent back and forth discussions with your technology vendors and they can start working on fixes faster.

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and increase your operating margin with up to


  • We manage your day to day TV operations from our DOC remotely so your people can focus on other things.
  • We proactively and continuously work to achieve the highest possible service quality

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The Divitel Quantum Platform

In order to deliver our three service packages efficiently, we have developed and currently use our own suite of tools and intelligent dashboards.

It helps our engineers with their day to day activities and monitor, alert and support decision making by providing insights about the current conditions of the total video delivery ecosystem.

It’s architecture is deployed on top of our customer’s existing system and consists of data adapters, event processing logic, rule processing, analytics, dashboards, alerting facilities and capabilities to trigger responses.

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