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Be in control of your Service Quality

Do you recognize these situations?

You are continuously running behind the facts and firefighting quality issues in your video service, without getting to the bottom of the root cause.

You hardly have time to innovate, because your team is working on today’s problems.

You are holding back on introducing new software patches, because you experience new issues after each update.

Today, video and TV services need to deliver the highest possible Service Quality. If you want to participate in today’s hyper competitive market, you need to avoid service failures like black screens, nPVR or restart problems as much as possible. In addition, you need to be able to launch new services, features and functions fast and accurately. Unfortunately, and as you have probably experienced, this is not an easy task.

But don’t worry. With over 20 years of focused video domain expertise, we have a way to help you with your day to day operations. The end goal: to increase the performance of your service, reduce costs of operations and make the best out of your current resources without having to hire and train new people. O and not to mention, you can keep your legacy and maximize ROI on that too.


Data and People

The first important asset needed to deal with these challenges is data. Data generated by the different technological components that make up your video service. Data that you need in order to know what is happening, what is causing failures and how to solve them. We apply a winning data strategy for all our deployments.

The second asset needed is people. In fact, people are as important as data. You need people to design a data-driven solution. You need people to deploy it. To put in the time analyzing the data, correlating it and creating insights from it, so you can actually use data to improve processes. Who know what questions to ask.  Who execute root cause analysis and develop monitoring and alarms and even algorithms to automate certain processes.

Don’t worry. Look no further. Because, we are these people. If you decide to start working in a data-driven way, we can help you design the needed architecture, describe the processes and deploy a solution. If needed, we can support your operations or train your engineers and help you get things started.


Excellent results


Faster Root
Cause Analysis




Faster Mean
Time to Recover


Increase in

First Time Right

And because of this improved performance, our customers achieve significantly higher NPS scores and realize much lower churn rates.

How is this possible? Divitel COO Wouter slot presented our approach in a recent webinar. Click below to watch it here:


Basically, there are 3 steps in using the power of data to improve your service quality. We have translated these steps into 3 different platform modules available for you today:

See the problems


Silo Smashing Monitoring

Explore and visualize processes for increased transparency and faster decision making.

Identify outages fast with a 360-degree, real-time unified monitoring experience across all silos and services.

Say good bye to guess
work and know what is
happening at all times.

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Find the problems


Analysis Acceleration

Reduce event noise and shorten your Mean Time to Investigate & Mean Time to Recover.

Cluster events and leverage the right data to determine failure root causes and solve problems faster.

Say thank you to the power of automation, cloud technology and Artificial Intelligence.

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Fix the problems


Continuous Improvement

Achieve the highest possible service quality

Highly skilled video experts work in accordance to the latest IT Service Management and ISO principles to manage the service lifecycle efficiently.

Say hello to faster, better
and easy operations

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Don’t take our word for it. Experience it for yourself

Together, through a Proof of Value, we can explore and start to solve any video delivery challenge. How does it work? It’s a three-step process:

  • First, we define a use case together.
  • Then, we analyze key data sources and build analytic models.
  • Thirdly, we explore results and come to recommendations and next steps

While we do this, we will be keeping in mind any legacy that you are currently using so that you can maximize that ROI.

And all of this within 6 to 12 weeks (depending on your use case).

Separately, we can also help you get started with the execution of said recommendations and next steps. For example, we could take over operations (temporarily) or train your engineers and help you get things started or any other operational support that you may need.

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