The expectations consumers have of a TV experience are evolving. Added layers of interactivity, linear as well as on-demand content, robust recommendation and personalization on a wide range of different devices are a must for a service that wants to compete in today’s marketplace – and beyond. An IPTV platform allows you to offer this and more functionality, ensuring better user retention, which in turn improves on the economics of your service. As one of the world’s foremost authorities on video delivery technology, Divitel can design, build and maintain your IPTV solution, using vendors and technology that fit your wants and needs.


Meeting End-User Expectations with IPTV

For TV and video services, these are interesting times. On the one hand, we’re seeing major consolidation of traditional cable and telecom operators, while on the other hand IPTV and OTT have lowered the barrier to entry for upstart TV operators with novel business models. The result is a consumer that’s spoiled for choice and places ever-evolving requirements on their TV service, while increasing pressure to pull in subscribers is putting a strain on pricing.

IPTV allows operators to offer much of the functionality your end-user expects, at predictable quality. Thanks to major strides in connectivity and bandwidth, IPTV can often match the quality of traditional DVB cable operations, while enabling the addition of replay TV, VoD and more. By adding OTT functionality, operators gain a multiscreen, future-ready TV platform that can iterate and evolve as technology and consumer-behavior develops in the years to come.

Even though IPTV and OTT are definitely a big part of the future of TV and video, there are some things to keep in mind. For one, IPTV and OTT operations can be quite complex compared to the hands-off approach usually adopted when operating traditional DVB services. Constant changes, updates and releases in specific parts of the technology stack can cause interruptions and constantly challenge the stability of your platform. Additionally, changes in technology and new ‘must-have’ functionality, requires constant development to keep your service competitive.

That is where we step in. We have over a decade of experience in designing, building and maintaining cutting edge (hybrid) IPTV and OTT platforms for clients around the globe. Additionally, our highly specialized skill-set enables clients to extend the lifetime of their legacy infrastructure as much as possible, be it DVB S/S2, T/T2, C, IPTV, OTT or smart hybrid configurations. We have enabled competitive, economically sound, interactive TV experiences on a wide range of networks and devices, always finding the best possible solution for a clients requirements. As an independent video system integrator and service provider, we’re uniquely qualified to present you with the best technology, network, vendor or brand for every usecase.

Divitel offers a wide range of technology, services and consultancy related to IPTV. We can be as involved or hands-off as your specific project requires. This means we provide modular IPTV and OTT componants like multiscreen, while always ensuring QoS and QoX (Quality of eXperience), but can also build fully redudant head-ends where needed. Whether you require a local platform or prefer a hosted, hybrid or managed IPTV platform: Divitel delivers.

Why Divitel is the obvious choice for your IPTV solution

  • Knowledge and experience (innovative media distribution platforms worldwide)
  • Capabilities to integrate platforms and local networks to enable wholesale propositions
  • Turn-key IPTV/OTT platform directly available
  • One platform that can support all devices: STB & Multiscreen (tablets & phones)
  • Personalization; your own look and feel on all devices
  • Social & personal user experience for end-users
  • Easily create your own (local) widgets/applications
  • New services; achieve a quick cost-effective launch of new services and innovative technologies
  • Dedicated product team with full focus on IPTV /OTT technologies
  • Remain fully in control of your own subscriber, content and marketing strategy
  • Advancing your business (wholesales)
  • Reduction of costs; well integrated with (existing) technology
  • Open standard platform
  • Multi-vendor strategy
  • Network agnostic approach
  • 24/7 professional service organization (DOC)
  • Migration (without disrupting your customers); from DVB, DVB-Hybrid, DVB-IP, IP

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