Managed Video Platform Testing and Validation

It could be Android TV’s relentless 90-day release window, vendors updating their piece of your video delivery solution, or simply end-user requirements evolving at an ever-increasing pace – but whatever the underlying reason – you need to release updates to your TV or video delivery platform often. Updating something as complex as a TV platform can be risky though and user tolerance for service issues is limited. Aided by innovative facilities like our automated TV and Video Application Lifecycle Lab, Divitel’s Managed TV and Video Platform Testing and Validation takes the risk out of updates and releases, by ensuring the quality of changes without slowing you down.

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Service features

Intelligent Testing and Validation

Using best-in-class technology we automate the execution of test scenarios on applications and devices, ensuring rapid and accurate detection of issues. By adding skilled engineers and an ever-growing knowledge base, benefits of scale are passed on to you.

Holistic TV Platform Approach

No piece of video delivery technology works in a vacuum. We ensure that changes and updates to one piece of technology or software don’t lead to negative end-user impact through unintended consequences for the workings of the rest of your TV platform.

Continuous improvement through AI

Our high-tech TV and video application lifecycle testlab allows us to move more and more of the testing and validation process to the cloud, where we’ll leverage machine learning to further speed up test scenario development, staging and execution.

The need for TV and Video Platform Testing and Validation

You need to test changes and updates to your TV or video platform and you need to do it well. Not just because rollbacks and unexpected consequences are often expensive, but also because your users aren’t as forgiving as they were a decade or so ago. Mess up often enough, and they’ll leave your service for the competition.

In many cases, there is a significant negative correlation between new releases for OTT video and IPTV services and customer NPS scores for those same services. Why?

TV and Video Platform release and change management is hard

Because releasing updates and changes to TV and video applications is intrinsically more complicated than would be the case for most other systems. The average OTT video or IPTV platform features technology from over a dozen different vendors that works together in ways that aren’t always predictable. Thorough set-top box testing or mobile video application testing alone often won’t turn up issues in other parts of the platform, which ‘suddenly’ appear when your change goes live.

This is also the reason mobile application- or set-top box test automation usually isn’t enough to ensure that your updates and releases are ‘first time right’. Managed video and TV ecosystem testing and validation does more:


Managed TV and Video Platform Testing and Validation

Based on decades of experience launching and iterating some of the world’s most innovative video delivery solutions, Divitel has developed a managed TV and video platform testing and validation service that takes the risk out of changes and releases. Through managed TV platform testing and validation, we enable video and TV operators to release a continuous flow of updates and releases, while minimizing its negative impact on video service quality. By zooming out and looking at video or TV platform testing as a whole, we minimize the chances of unintended consequences related to a new release.

To ensure the relevance and effectiveness of test, we use best-in-class video monitoring- and test automation technology and skilled engineers that constantly iterate on testing and validation procedures by taking input directly from your live environment. A process that’s constantly being optimized to increase efficiency and quality, using technologies like machine learning and robotization to work towards a future where the quality of changes is continuously safeguarded with zero delay.

Managed Video and TV Platform Testing and Validation:

  • Uses technology from renowned brands like Witbe, Agama – or whatever alternative currently in use within your solution – to ensure mobile video application, set-top box and complete TV platform testing is automated to the fullest extent of today’s technology, freeing up your resources to correct faults and improve releases faster;
  • Leverages unique facilities like Europe’s first automated TV and video application lifecycle testlab and the Divitel Operations Center to ensure maximum efficiency;
  • Coordinates testing between applications, devices and other parts of the video delivery ecosystem to minimize the risk of unexpected consequences;
  • Constantly iterates and evolves test scenarios based on Divitel’s extensive testing knowledge base and input from your live environment;
  • Greatly increases the speed at which problems can be isolated and diagnosed thanks to a holistic approach to changes within any part of your video or TV platform, enabling TV operators to keep pace with external drivers like Android and iOS operating system releases or Android TV’s 90-day release requirement.


The Future of Managed TV and Video Platform Testing and Validation

Consumer behaviors and video delivery technology are evolving at an ever-increasing pace. Your success in this new age of video consumption depends on continuously evolving and rapidly rolling out new capabilities. Divitel’s Managed video and TV platform testing and validation currently speeds up this process by leveraging robotization and automation technology, as well as highly skilled engineers and a knowledge base developed over a multitude of operators, bringing economies of scale to TV operators of any size. At the same time, we’re continuously working to speed up and improve testing quality.

Machine Learning and AI for Video and TV Platform Testing and Validation

Through heavy investment in machine learning and AI, our TV and video application lifecycle testlab is rapidly becoming a fully automated facility that continuously develops, iterates and executes scenarios pulled directly from your live video delivery environment and your business objectives. As more and more parts of the video delivery ecosystem can be run from the cloud, the facility’s ability to isolate and diagnose issues in different parts of your solution will further improve, ultimately reducing the risk of unintended consequences to zero. Participation of several ecosystem partners allow us to bring the benefits from this approach to managed TV and video ecosystem testing clients as they arise, continuously improving on the value our services bring TV operators around the globe.

“Companies in the Telecom, Media, and Entertainment sector are struggling with testing and validation, primarily due to the complexity and continuous changes in multi-vendor video or TV ecosystems. Development and adoption of test automation is a great step in the right direction, but machine learning and artificial intelligence are still underexploited in our industry. We’re changing that, to our client’s benefit.”
Gabor Molnar
Evangelist Video Technology and Science

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Gabor Molnar
Evangelist Video Technology and Science
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