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As a content provider you want video services that just work. Whether that’s offering live events streaming directly to your fans. Or perhaps you want viewers to watch after the events have taken place. And while your viewers watch, you want to know all all there is to know about who they are and their online behaviour, because these are the insights that you need to be able to attract advertisers and reach new audiences. Above all, you just want a video service that just works so that you can focus on your core business.

With over 20 years of video domain knowledge we will be able to help you get to the right vendors so that your video service can do what you want it to do. And you will be doing it in a future proof way, with smart workflows and low opex.

Future-ready video delivery system integration

The requirements for a video delivery solution have changed. Systems have gone from static solutions that could go years without changes, to highly dynamic video delivery systems that are continuously being updated, upgraded and improved. The OTT systems of today require a new way of working, both for you as your viewers and for the system integrator that builds your solution. At Divitel, we’ve adopted an agile development process through which we deliver iterative and incremental solutions. By prioritizing fitness for business purpose in all deliverables, we greatly increase the speed with which you reap the benefits from your investment, ultimately improving ROI and TCO.

Why an independent system integrator is the better choice

Few system integrators for video delivery are truly independent. Most will have their own middleware, some will even make their own set top boxes. With Divitel, you’re guaranteed to receive the technology, brand or vendor that best fits your specific requirements. DRM by Verimatrix or Widevine, video processing by Anevia, Harmonic or Appear TV, middleware by Hibox, Nordija or ZTE: the video delivery landscape is complex, but we will consider every possible entry to deliver you the best possible solution.

Advantages of system integration by Divitel

  • Always use technology and vendors that best fit your specific wants and needs;
  • Acquire the flexibility and reliability needed to respond to an evolving industry;
  • Decrease time to market for single iterations as well as complete solutions;Put time and resources towards your core business;
  • Significantly reduce your video delivery TCO.

Over the years Divitel has delivered advanced video delivery solutions for customers around the globe. Some notable references are Wise in Suriname, TKS in Germany, M:Tel in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Ziggo in The Netherlands. With dozens of happy customers, we’d be happy to provide you with more references relevant for your specific case.

Whitepaper Dynamic System
Development Method

At Divitel, we work according to an agile development process, based primarily on the Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM). This framework gives us the tools required to deliver iterative and incremental solutions. Our focus is quality and adaptability, prioritizing fitness for business purposes in all deliverables. We view this as instrumental in providing you with the type of video delivery solutions required for the 21st century. The following whitepaper explains DSDM,
it’s use by Divitel and the benefits for you as a client.

“When projects are aligned to clear business goals, deliver frequently and involve the collaboration of motivated and empowered people, their value for your business is greatest. DSDM is the framework that allows us to ensure that every Divitel project fits these requirements” – Wouter Slot, Divitel COO

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