Hosted DRM Solutions

Essentially, DRM – or Digital Rights Management – is an access control technology, which manages the use, distributions and modification of protected video content. The technology helps content owners and TV operators to restrict (live, on-demand and downloaded) content to services to which the customer has subscribed. With the growth of OTT and IPTV platforms, high-level content protection is necessary to safely offer OTT and on-demand content to end-users. As one of the world’s premier independent systems integrators, Divitel can help you manage this complexity by offering Hosted DRM solutions. Want to know more? Reach out today!

How does DRM work?

DRM relies on encryption to protect video content. After the video content has been scrambled, the content can only be read with an appropriate unlocking key. To ensure that only authorised end-users can unlock the encrypted content, an authentication system provides a decryption / license key to those who subscribed to the service. Even though this sounds quite simple, it’s a very complex process as there are so many different devices and video platforms. This ensures that in many cases, a multiple investment (multi-DRM) is necessary to enable DRM on different types of video platforms / devices. Hosted- or cloud DRM takes traditional DRM technology and moves it to the cloud, to offer operators a scalable, agile solution.

Hosted DRM by Divitel

With two decades of experience, we offer the necessary knowledge and skills to select the right DRM system(s) for your video delivery platform. By also offering these solution as a hosted service, we can provide you with DRM for your content, take care of the operational management of the hard- and software, and offer 24/7 support. In addition, we will also provide you with periodic monitoring reports from the Divitel Operating Centre (DOC). Our service has proven to be highly reliable and has an availability upwards of 99.8%. Our independency allows us to work with great companies / brands such as Google Widevine, Verimatrix, Microsoft PlayReady, Conax, Irdeto, Cisco, Marlin, CastLabs, etc. Hereby, you are not limited to the use of a single specific cloud DRM provider, but have the freedom to find the DRM solution that best fits your specific requirements, which we then offer as a hosted technology. This presents you with all the known benefits of a cloud solution with few of the drawbacks usually associated with such technology.

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