Managed Video Service

Grow your business without having to focus on video technology

The consumption of video is increasing and for you, this means that the process of delivering video to consumers is becoming of increased importance and key to your business.

But even though video might be key to you – it does not necessarily mean it is core to you. However, what it surely is, is complexWith matters such as cloudification, legacy transformation, a blurred technology landscape, siloed data and stricter data security regulation, you need to find a way to deal without having to worry about this complexity. 

With over 20 years of video domain expertise, dedicated people and a state of the art Operating Center, we can help you with this.


Automized processes and
cutting-edge technology

Focus, best practices and
a proven methodology

A high quality video service that consistently increases customer satisfaction

Managed Services proces


Service Strategy
Determine the best service strategy to service viewers

Service Design
Design, improve (new) services

Service Transition
Manage the transition according to specifications

Service Operations
Efficient and effective service delivery. Fulfilling user requests, resolving failures and fixing problems

Continuous Improvement
Constantly learning from past successes and failures. 

Data-driven video focus for continuous improvement

In our dedicated Operations Center, we continuously and proactively optimize the availability, capacity, quality, costs, continuity and security of your video service. We do that through an open platform so that you are always free to go and never feel locked-in.

We are able to do what you are not able to do – Focus on video. Years of focus puts us in a position where we know how to operate your video service. We know what works and what doesn’t. We know what technology is best to fit your service’s need.

This focus most importantly, enables us to get end-to-end data and the insights to be able to execute fast root cause analysis when needed. In addition, we use state of the art technology like Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to generate actionable insights in order to, not only fix failures, but also prevent them from happening.

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