TV and Video Monetization Consultancy

Digital technologies are rapidly changing the video landscape. Device fragmentation, evolving customer requirements and increasingly short development cycles have created an industry that’s transforming before our very eyes. In this tumultuous environment, newcomers and old dogs alike find themselves considering new ways to monetize video content. Divitel’s Video and TV Monetization Consultancy helps you find the best possible monetization strategy for your video service

Sustainable profitability for your video service

Today’s consumers’ expect to watch whenever and wherever they want. Functionality like personalization, recommendation and on-demand video delivery are rapidly becoming the norm. An  increasingly competitive marketplace requires video services to support increasingly complex video delivery solutions to enable this expanding feature set. The costs associated with maintaining these solutions can be considerable, while viewers often seem to favor low costs. The result is that many services struggle to sustain profitability. Divitel video and TV monetization consultancy helps services reach, maintain or increase profitability by looking at both sides of the equation. By providing actionable insights that enable a significant, continuous decrease in OPEX, as well as advice on the full spectrum of possible monetization strategies, Divitel Consultancy can significantly impact the profitability of your service.

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