How do you ensure that your IPTV solution RFP aligns with your strategic priorities? Have you given any thought to the evolution of your IPTV systems as the market, technology and consumer preferences unavoidably change? Divitel IPTV Consultancy assists with business feasibility, technical feasibility, vendor evaluation and more.

Business and technical feasibility of your IPTV solution

You’ve decided on IPTV, but how feasible is your project technically? And will it further your broader business objectives? Our IPTV consultants¬†will answer these and more questions. Leverage our knowledge and experience for feasibility studies, vendor evaluation or the implementation of monitoring solutions that ensure the best possible end-result for both you as well as your end-user.

Better IPTV RFP’s with IPTV consultancy

The market, consumer behaviors and video technology are changing quicker than ever. This is never more clear than when putting out an RFP for any work related to your IPTV solution: TV operators find themselves in the unenviable position of having to come up with technical requirements for some unknowable point in the future, while ensuring that the end-result aligns with current as well as future strategic priorities. Our IPTV experts are available to assist every step of the way. From high-level discussions on requirements, to low-level designs and every thing in between. Instantly profit from our experience with both small and large clients, multiple vendors and different regions around the globe to write an RFP that gets you the results you need.

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Truly independent IPTV consultancy

When looking for expert advice on designing, building and maintaining IPTV systems, it’s hard to find truly independent IPTV consultancy. At Divitel, we’re vendor- and platform-agnostic. The best possible IPTV solution is always bespoke and features vendors and technology that furthers your business objectives. By operating independently from a single company or brand, we’re able to offer you the best possible technology for your specific needs.

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