Control the performance your video operation

In order to improve customer satisfaction, video and OTT service providers are looking for ways to increase the quality of their services and empower their customer care.  The main goal ofcourse, is to increase customer satisfaction and, in case of OTT,  increase traffic and engagement rates.

With our video domain expertise and great technology partnerships, we offer perfectly integrated cutting edge tools and best practices, in order to help you succeed at this very important task.

Our aim is to enable you to grow your business by making your operations more efficient and decrease your costs at the same time.

 Situational awareness on the whole video service performance

On a high level, the solution is simple. First, it gathers all of the different siloed data into one data lake. Then, the artificial intelligence engine goes to work and through supervised and continuous automatic learning, is able to detect problems, identify root causes and propose necessary actions.

Powered by different technology partners such as Splunk and Ambrite, we offer unique advantages:

  • The best way to visualize the performance of the whole video operation,

  • Automated root cause analysis and ticket handling,

  • A non-invasive tool with no agent required,

  • Prediction and prevention of incidents through continuous reinforcement learning,

  • Automatic & Supervised training through Machine learning and AI,

  • Scalable, high dimensional data, captured in a knowledge graph.


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