Managed TV and Video Platform Testing and Validation

Updating something as complex as your video delivery product or solution can be risky as user tolerance for service issues is limited. Aided by innovative facilities like our automated TV and Video Application Lifecycle Lab, Divitel’s Managed TV and Video Platform Testing and Validation takes the risk out of updates and releases, by ensuring the quality of changes without slowing you down.

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By combining excellent technology with the ability to guarantee that updates to that same technology don’t negatively impact a customer’s video delivery platform, we turn your product into a solution. We have experience both behind the scenes, operating as a service provided through the vendor, or through joint propositions where TV and video operators combine the purchase of your product with supplemental video and TV platform testing and validation services by Divitel. In all cases, the value your products brings a customer will increase greatly.


Service features

Intelligent Testing and Validation

Using best-in-class technology we automate the execution of test scenarios on applications and devices, ensuring rapid and accurate detection of issues. By adding skilled engineers and an ever-growing knowledge base, benefits of scale are passed on to you.

Holistic TV Platform Approach

No piece of video delivery technology works in a vacuum. We ensure that changes and updates to one piece of technology or software don’t lead to negative end-user impact through unintended consequences for the workings of the rest of your TV platform.

Continuous improvement through AI

Our high-tech TV and video application lifecycle testlab allows us to move more and more of the testing and validation process to the cloud, where we’ll leverage machine learning to further speed up test scenario development, staging and execution.

TV and video ecosystem testing and validation for Android TV OEM partners

A subset of vendors facing a particularly unique challenge in video delivery ecosystems are Android TV OEM partners. The same challenges apply:

  • How do you map – and keep track of – your product’s interdependencies within IPTV or OTT Video solutions that look slightly different for each specific customer?
  • How do you ensure that updates to your product don’t disrupt the working of your client’s video delivery solution?

In the case of Android TV OEM partners, these challenges are further complicated by Google’s requirement that full Android Open Source Project updates run on your product within 90 days of their release to the public. Whenever such a release goes live, OEM partners have a choice: Develop, release and ensure an update works in each unique video delivery ecosystem where their product is running or just develop an update, release it and pass the buck of ensuring its compatibility to their client. The first of these options can be unacceptably time- and labor intensive, while the second option degrades the perceived value of your product significantly. Managed TV and video platform testing and validation for Android TV OEM partners presents you with a third option.

“Companies in the Telecom, Media, and Entertainment sector are struggling with testing and validation, primarily due to the complexity and continuous changes in multi-vendor video or TV ecosystems. Development and adoption of test automation is a great step in the right direction, but machine learning and artificial intelligence are still underexploited in our industry. We’re changing that, to our client’s benefit.”
Gabor Molnar
Evangelist Video Technology and Science

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Gabor Molnar
Evangelist Video Technology and Science
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