TV and Video Application Lifecycle Lab

Make your product ready to compete in new market segments by testing them in our Video Application Lifecycle Lab. Mix, match and test different software and decrease your time to market.


Services features

Intelligent Testing and Validation

Using best-in-class technology we automate the execution of test scenarios on applications and devices, ensuring rapid and accurate detection of issues. By adding skilled engineers and an ever-growing knowledge base, benefits of scale are passed on to you.

Holistic TV Platform Approach

No piece of video delivery technology works in a vacuum. We ensure that changes and updates to one piece of technology or software don’t lead to negative end-user impact.

Continuous improvement through AI

Our high-tech TV and video application lifecycle testlab allows us to move the testing and validation process to the cloud, where we’ll leverage machine learning to further speed up test scenario development, staging and execution.

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Gabor Molnar
Evangelist Video Technology and Science
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