Quality Troubleshooting

Are service failures (like macro blocking, buffering, replay TV issues, etc.) taking too long for you to solve? Is there a competitor that you would like to benchmark yourself to? Or is a specific vendor not able to help you? Or maybe you have invested in a certain technology, but it is not generating the needed results?

When you are busy fighting the daily operational fires, it can be almost impossible to solve these issues in a structural way. We have experienced this ourselves when managing our customers’ daily operations and know all about it.

Do not worry. Our people are here to support you with any video delivery challenge. You can always count on us to troubleshoot and solve any problem. We create recommendations for quick wins and longer term resolutions and can also help with implementation.

Over 20 years of hands-on expertise at your disposal

We apply over twenty years of independent video delivery expertise to help you on all the different aspects of bringing video to the screens. We leverage knowledge from different deployments and support in such a way, that you are able to maximize ROI on legacy as you go.

We have long standing relationships with technology vendors and speak a common language. See our Video Delivery Landscape for an overview of vendors; the biggest names we know quite well.

And we are independent. So you can avoid getting locked-in and remain flexible in your future choices.

Our troubleshooting options:

We can help you with any issue. We will customize depending on your situation. Below are some examples of what is possible.

Use Case Support


Is fixing service failures becoming increasingly complex for you to handle efficiently? Is solving problems with macro blocking, black screens, buffering or other incidents utilizing too many resources and taking too long to solve? And once you implement a fix, you end up causing new problems?  Whatever your challenge, our experts have the required expertise and apply a proven approach to help you determine the root cause of problems and help your people fix issues fast and accurately.

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Do you have a competitor who’s service quality is always outperforming you? Our experts can help. We create KPI’s for each benchmark and investigate the end-to-end service quality of different components impacting availability, capacity and reliability. In addition we can propose and assist in taking the necessary action for optimization of the platform configuration based on our findings.

Quick Scan


If you are looking for just a short and quick review of your current situation and want to know what steps to first take, our experts are at the ready. We analyze the status of your people, processes and technology and make recommendations for improvement.


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Vendor communication and maximization of tools


Sometimes, responsibilities between ecosystem component vendors can be unclear and difficult to navigate. In addition, it can be challenging to know what to expect from certain components. With our experience with technology, we speak a common language that can help clear any communication issues with vendors and ensure a swift resolving of issues, making the most out of your investment without having to invest in new alternatives.

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