The TV Strategy Navigator, Your Video Strategy Tool

Your business is changing. Fast. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though. With the right mindset and – more importantly – the right strategy, the disruption of TV and video can be a huge opportunity. Today, we’re releasing a model to the public that has been the first step in formulating this strategy for dozens of companies in the industry: The TV Strategy Navigator. This Divitel-developed model is free to use and share as you please, under a creative commons license.

Forged by experience

The TV Strategy Navigator is a model born out of necessity. For years, we’ve seen clients struggle with the challenges of TV and video’s digital disruption. The near-impossibility of writing an RFP with perfectly predicted requirements for some distant point in time – or setting up a service environment for a system that’s constantly evolving – can paralyze processes that are increasingly required to be quick and lean. Our efforts to effectively unearth, align and document strategic priorities for these organizations organically grew into the TV Strategy Navigator we are presenting you today.

TV Strategy Navigator - Filled outSince its first inception, some years ago, the TV Strategy Navigator has evolved into a model that’s been used by dozens of Cable Operators, Telco’s and other TV industry stakeholders. It’s never a finished product, but rather a model that’s constantly evolving. If and when you use it, you’ll undoubtedly tweak it for your specific use-case. From our end, we’d like to assist you in the process by telling you about our reasoning behind its current incarnation, the way we currently utilize it with clients and some possible follow-up actions. We’re releasing the TV Strategy Navigator under a creative commons CC BY 4.0 license, which allows you to copy, redistribute, remix, transform and use the model in any way, shape or form, as long as you give appropriate credit. Ideally, it will help you like it helped many Divitel clients before you. Enjoy!

How to fill out the TV Strategy Navigator

The TV Strategy Navigator allows you to document your priorities within ten main strategic domains, related to the TV and video industry.

  • Three business domains: Market, Competition and Differentiation
  • Five product and technology domains: Product, Content, Network, Access and Device
  • Two operational domains: Service Design and Future Technology
TV Strategy Navigator
TV Strategy Navigator – Click for full size

Creative Commons License

TV Strategy Navigator by Divitel is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Within each strategic domain, you will document your strategic ambitions by color-coding the corresponding options:

  • Must Haves are the unavoidable goals, that define your business or service;
  • Should Haves are highly desirable goals that have definite, measurable added value for your business or service;
  • Could Haves are of interest, possibly realizable in the existing context and could be of added value;
  • Would Haves are unknown quantities. They may be of interest in the future, but are currently unlikely to directly add value.

You’ll notice there are spaces left at the bottom of most domains to add your own options. The world is changing rapidly and you’ll probably want to incorporate your own ideas and vision.

Using the Navigator

Filling out the TV Strategy Navigator is – by itself – a great exercise. It forces you to think about what defines your strategy, as it relates to your video or TV business, within specific and relevant strategic domains. In ‘the real world’, we’ve used this process in several different scenarios that may be relevant for you and your business:

  • Filling out the Navigator to assess if the RFP you’re putting out for a video delivery solution fits your strategic priorities;
  • Filling out two versions of the Navigator: One detailing your current strategy and one filling out your strategic ambitions, thus allowing you to define the steps to take to get from here to there;
  • Having multiple people from within the same company fill out the Navigator separately, before moving to a joint session to find out where priorities overlap and where they diverge.

In all cases, a mapped out Navigator is a great way to get to a roadmap that translates strategy to actionable solutions.

There are many ways in which to use the TV Strategy Navigator and there’s really no right or wrong way here: We’d invite you to use this model in whatever way fits you and your business. For inspiration, we’ll regularly post cases detailing the use of the TV Strategy Navigator in the coming weeks and months. If you do use the Navigator in an interesting fashion or simply have some feedback, we’d love to hear it. Send us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The Categories

Market Strategy

Which markets are you targeting? Are you creating a market from scratch, focusing on your current market, focusing on your current channel or diversifying?

Competition Strategy

How will you compete? Will you offer the best possible product, will you offer a total customer solution, will you lock consumers in or are you being exceptionally disruptive?

Differentiation Strategy

How will you differentiate? Will your product be different? Will you beat the competition on price? Is your brand going to be the differentiating factor, will you promote your service in a unique fashion or will you distribute differently than your competitors?

Product Strategy

Will you be a leader, challenger, innovator or smart follower? Are you focusing on a specific niche?

Content Strategy

What does your content look like? How will you offer it? Are you creating your own content a la Netflix or are you counting on user-generated like Google’s YouTube? Will you offer VOD and/or linear programming? What role do Live Events and Sports play?

Network Strategy

Are you looking to maximize the use of your existing network? Will you use a closed network, an open network like the internet or will you operate as a MVO? Will others operate services on your network?

Access Strategy

How will end-users access your service?

Device Strategy

What devices are you targeting with your service?

Service Design

What are the most important factors to consider when designing your service? How are you looking to monetize?

(Future) Technology

What kind of technology do you need to support now? What is around the corner?

What now?

The TV Strategy Navigator is a model that helps you align your strategic priorities with your business activities. It can be a great first step in a process that can significantly improve your businesses’ ability to survive and thrive in a market that’s going through unprecedented change. It can be used by itself, in some of the scenario’s we detailed earlier, but is most effective as the kicking-off point for a bigger process. In the near future, we will detail some possible followup steps in new blog posts and whitepapers around the subject.

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