Android TV Launch Control

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Android TV Operator Tier is on many of our customers’ agenda. Getting your offering in Android TV is a good way to get yourself in front of your audience and compete with born digital video services. And Android TV makes it possible to do it, without having to build your system from scratch.

The challenge

The problem with launching Android TV is that it’s relatively new and most operators have no experience with it. We know the ones who have and the secret to their success.

The one big prerequisite to a successful launch, is to have your service performance under control. Before. During. And After.

Why? Because when things go wrong, and they will, you will want to investigate incidents and pin point their root causes fast and accurately to fix problems as quickly as possible.

The solution

We have helped operators get this right before. Let us plan, deploy and/or manage an architecture within your existing legacy that will help you get your video service performance under control. You will be able to implement Android TV swiftly and cost effectively by being able to solve incidents fast during the whole implementation process.

This exact solution depends on your legacy and your needed support level.

Data Driven Solutions

Silo Smashing

Identify outages fast with a 360-degree, real-time unified monitoring experience across all silos and services.


Pinpoint failure root causes and solve problems super fast.

Managed Continuous

Our experts work with the Silo Smashing Monitoring and the Analysis Acceleration solutions, managing the service lifecycle through proven processes.

Excellent results

80% Faster Root Cause Analysis
65% Fewer Tickets
50% Faster Mean Time to Recover
40% Increase First Time Right

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