Connectivity is Key

Every operator knows that connectivity isn’t just the backbone—it’s the heartbeat of the Quality of Experience (QoE). But here’s the rub: a lion’s share of in-home tech glitches are born from connectivity hitches. Buffering blues, disrupted multi-device dances, and those pesky HD and UHD bandwidth demands? They’re all culprits of a less-than-perfect connection.


Your Subscribers Deserve the Best

Every tiny glitch? That’s a potential tweet of dissatisfaction or a subscriber’s wandering eye to competitors. They crave more than just content; they want it delivered on a silver platter, flawlessly, every single time.

Seamless Connectivity? Consider It Done

At the intersection of vendor-independent consultancy, cutting-edge system integration, and top-tier observability services, we stand tall. Our deep dive into wifi and CDN data isn’t just about patching up issues—it’s about sculpting unparalleled video experiences from the ground up. With our holistic approach, we ensure that every piece of the puzzle fits perfectly, from consultancy to execution.

Because in our world, when your subscribers are connected, they’re not just content—they’re over the moon.

Why choose Divitel?


Optimized Connectivity Solutions

We’ll help you select the tool that best fits your current technology set up ensuring maximum interoperability and enhancing your existing technology. With our deep knowledge of connectivity tech, anticipate a solution that’s robust, efficient, future proof and perfectly aligned.

Stay Ahead with Seamless Updates

The essence of modern TV and video platforms is their continuous connectivity and advanced features. As the tech landscape shifts, being up-to-date is crucial. With Divitel, you’re always in the lead. We oversee all your connectivity updates, ensuring you remain at the forefront of the industry.

24/7 Connectivity Monitoring & Support

Our innovative “Algorithm Factory” method offers insights to boost your platform’s performance. Together with our Observability Services, we’re on constant watch, pinpointing opportunities and preempting issues in real-time. Our round-the-clock remote engineering guarantees uninterrupted TV and video experiences.

Unmatched Connectivity Security

Sleep easy with Divitel’s gold-standard security measures. Our ISO 27001 certification stands as proof of our unwavering commitment to top-tier data protection. Every step we take is a stride towards ensuring the utmost security for your platform’s connectivity.

Elevate your in-home connectivity for uninterrupted TV entertainment

Connectivity Transformation for SETAR in Aruba

A high-speed internet infrastructure, enabling next-generation services with the focus on interactive TV and connectivity for SETAR. Read all about our transformation success story.


Read the SETAR Success Story

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