Digital Video Quality Troubleshooting

Solve your most impactful digital video quality issues in less than 3 months

Quite often, we are contacted by video carriers who are having  difficulties detecting the cause of digital video quality issues quickly and accurately. In this case, we recommend letting our experts have a look at your situation. We have a fresh look and are not busy with your daily operational hassle. We have knowledge of video delivery ecosystems and speak the language of vendors. In this way we ensure a more tranquil, predictable environment for your people to work in as we get the biggest issues under control quickly and efficiently.

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1. Investigation

During the first two weeks we take inventory of your vision and the added value that you wish to offer your viewers. We create an overview of your main business and operational KPI’s and take note of your current ecosystem design (architecture, tools and monitoring capabilities). We also describe your current operational processes and service management lay out.

2. Plan

Based on our specific domain expertise and best practices knowledge we provide insights and views on your video delivery ecosystem. We describe areas of improvement and quick wins for your most urgent use cases, reflecting the ‘dream’ and value for subscribers.

3. Action

Here is where we get to the actual engineering. First we categorize and prioritize incidents. Then we identify root causes of failures and solve incidents. We make sure that service is restored by either implementing work arounds or by contacting the corresponding technology vendors.

4. Results

Of course we will measure whether or not the actions that we have taken have had the desired business and operational effects.

5. Long term recommendations

We advise you on more durable, long term improvements of operational processes, use of data or technology.

6. Continuous improvement

Lastly, we can advise on what kind of next steps we could take in accordance to your support need.

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