Managed end-to-end OTT/IPTV

Increased competition has decreased end-user tolerance for stability- and quality issues with TV and video services. At the same time, actually operating these services has become increasingly complex. As a result, many operators and video content owners are choosing end-to-end OTT / IPTV solutions that promise to reduce this complexity, making TV ‘simple’ for both the client as well as the end-user. At Divitel, we believe that you don’t need ‘simple’. You need fast, you need easy, you need agile and you need quality, but simple? Never.

Our end-to-end IPTV and OTT solutions or managed IPTV and OTT services reduce complexity, without taking away your ability to differentiate or control the direction in which your service develops. Want to know more? Email us at, fill out the form on this page or read on.

Product Features

Fast time-to-market

Solutions designed, built and deployed by Divitel follow agile DSDM principles, which means they will bring you the biggest business benefit in the shortest time possible. We launch – and you see ROI – early, further evolving the product through rapid iterations as time goes by

Complete end-to-end or modular

Our managed IPTV and OTT solutions combine technology and services to completely unburden your organization of day-to-day TV operations OR can supply and support specific parts of a video delivery solution to introduce quality, scalability and benefits of scale to mission-critical parts of your video platform

Highly agile and scalable

What you need today is almost definitely not what you’ll need a year from now, let alone a few years down the road. Divitel’s End-to-End OTT / IPTV Solutions are highly agile and scalable, using cloud technology where possible to ensure that your platform can meet today’s – and tomorrow’s – requirements

Why managed end-to-end OTT/IPTV solutions?

Through the use of IPTV, operators can offered end-users advanced functionality like pausing and rewinding of linear video content, nPVR and interactivity. OTT video allows those same operators, as well as broadcasters and other video content owners/creators, to reach end-users wherever, whenever and on a range of different devices. Even though this technology has seen widespread adoption, many are still unpleasantly surprised by the unexpected challenges posed by IPTV/OTT operations.

Not only is monitoring and managing these new platforms more complicated than traditional DVB has been in the past, they also require constant maintenance and releases. These changes are necessitated by external drivers like vendor software updates and Android TV’s much discussed 90-day release requirement, as well as commercial considerations like end-user wants and needs. The rapid emergence – and success – of OVP’s (online video platforms) and other end-to-end OTT / IPTV solutions is a direct response to these challenges.

Many of these platforms’ customers are coming to a realization, though:

Most end-to-end IPTV/OTT platforms only solve part of the problem

Most end-to-end IPTV and OTT platforms out there do a great job at ensuring your platform is up and running and keeping pace with vendor/OS updates, but fail rather spectacularly when it comes to aligning with your specific end-user’s requirements. This makes sense. These white-label OTT and IPTV products have scale-based business-models: By getting as many operators, broadcasters and video content owners to use the exact same technology stack, they see massive benefits of scale. The savings this generates allow them to price competitively (and see some healthy profit-margins). The downside is obvious: Their focus on scalability and replicability virtually ensure that the resulting service is a dime-a-dozen product that fits the generic ‘tv-viewer’, minimizing your ability to stand out in an increasingly crowded competitive landscape.

The difference with ‘traditional’ end-to-end OTT and IPTV solutions

When we build an end-to-end OTT / IPTV solution, we build one that fits your business requirements. We employ agile DSDM methods to ensure that we realize the fastest time-to-market possible, further developing and iterating on your TV platform as time goes by. This allows us to continuously align with end-user requirements, advances in technology and your own ambitions as your platform evolves. Our experience lies both in deployment of these types of solutions, as well as in actively operating them for clients around the globe. Even though the technology used is tailored specifically to your business requirements, you’ll see benefits of scale as we leverage highly skilled engineers and high-tech facilities – like our Divitel Operations Center and Video Application Lifecycle Lab – to manage day-to-day operations. With their data-driven approach to service strategy, our team of OTT and IPTV consultants provide you with the necessary end-user behavior- and industry insights to make effective strategic decisions regarding your TV or video business.

Combined, our skills, facilities and experiences make up end-to-end OTT / IPTV solutions that scale and develop according to your requirements. You gain a truly customer-centric platform that allows you to differentiate and compete, while seeing tangible increases in customer satisfaction, as well as revenue growth through reductions in churn and new revenue streams.

Now what?

Are you interested in Divitel’s managed OTT and IPTV services? We’d be happy to chat. Reach out to us through the form below, send an email to or reach out directly to your Divitel contact. You can also catch us at industry events around the globe, where we’ll gladly invest some time in getting to know you and your business.

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